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Oklahoma State University


To complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology majoring in Construction Management Technology, students must first apply for acceptance to the CMT Upper Division curriculum. The top 40 applicants (based on the selection GPA) will be accepted. Selection Grade Point Averages will not be calculated until OSU Summer Semester courses are on transcripts.

The following courses are scheduled to be offered each fall:

1214     Intro to Construction
2263     Estimating 1
3273     Scheduling
3323     Strength of Materials for CM
3364     Structures I
3633     CAD & BIM (when resources permit)
4273     Computer Estimating
4283     Business Practices
4333     Equipment Management for Constructors
4443     Safety
4533     Heavy and Highway Estimating

The following courses are scheduled to be offered each spring:

2253     Construction Drawings
2343     Concrete Technology
3433     Site Development
3463     Building Systems
3554     Structures II
4263     Estimating II
4443     Safety
4293     Capstone--Construction Manager Concepts
4563     Law & Insurance

The following courses are scheduled to be offered each summer:

3331     Practicum I (Internship)
3332     Practicum II (Internship)

When funds are available and enrollment demand is high, the following courses may be taught in the summer.  Please check with the Department to verify:

1214     Intro to Construction
2253     Construction Drawings
2263     Estimating I
2343     Concrete Technology
3273     Scheduling

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